About Us

Years Work experience in Gun Manufacturing

The awakening power

RAINSON Armory; It is a company that operates as a subsidiary of ARMAKON Defence and aims to bring innovative and unique products to the world market. We are a company that continues its R&D studies with an experienced engineer team and develops products in line with the needs of the market. We bring PCP Air rifles and PCP pistols, which are our main focus, to our customers as affordable, quality and trouble-free products.
  • Defect-free and quality product is our first priority
  • We consider the demands and recommendations of our customers sensitively
  • A satisfied customer with our product and service is the key to our happiness

Why Do You Choose us

For quality, ergonomic and affordable products.

  • Quality

    Our products are followed under the control of our engineers from the material supply process to the shipment process.

  • Innovation

    Our experienced and dynamic team continues its R&D studies to produce innovative products.

  • Technology

    High technology machines are used in the production and control stages.